Hello, Short Film lovers ! Hope You all are ready to learn How to make a short Film that is (come fare un film). If you don’t know what a short film is then do read our article on What is a short film before this article to have a better understanding.

It’s a fact that before we are going to do something, We must know what we are going to do. yes, so here today we are gonna teach you all the steps involved in Short films making followed by the link to the tutorial by us for that step ( we will update links once we have written a tutorial on that topic ) so you can directly visit this page to Learn short filmmaking step by step and succeed in making a high-quality short movie. So below are the steps involved in it.


Steps involved in Short filmmaking ( come fare un film)

How to make a short film

So friends, below are the steps involved in the making of a short film. Below I will give a short explanation of each step with the example of a short movie we made in past which was based on fraud done through E-Mails.

1) Deciding The Base Story line : For making A quality movie the most important step to do is to find a message you want to convey or a base story line on which you want to develop a story. This is very important. 

Example: a great topic on which we made a short movie was on the fraud done through E-Mails saying that you have won some amount of money etc. So this is the base story line

Read our article on How to think of a winning short film base story line to understand it better.

2) Developing the story: After deciding the base story line, Next step to be done is to Develop a small story with logic and connections around the baseline you chose. Read the example below to understand it better

Example: After choosing the baseline we developed a story, like There, is a guy who is not satisfied with salary he gets and wants to start a business but does not have money for investments and suddenly one day he gets an email saying he won 1 million $ , and at last he loses everything Because of his greed. 

So this is how you have to make some characters and a good story around the baseline you chose.

3) Making A script : Now after deciding the story, now you need to write down the full story scene by scene and the mood of the scene and dialogues needed to be used with a good characterization of all the characters in the story.

4) Select Actors : Now This is also a crucial part of short filmmaking. To make your story work the way you wanted, you need good actors. You can use your friends or relatives who are really interested in acting seriously. Do not just use anybody you know, because we have experience of using people like that which led to a failure as they were not serious and were smiling at unneeded scenes etc. So you need to decide actors wisely. 

5) Shooting movie : Now this is the time to implement everything you have got. Get a good camcorder first, and start shooting the movie. And for shooting the movie you need to have a good cameraman, Or keep visiting our blog We will teach you and give tips on how to do an awesome cinematography ( Camera works) soon.

6) Editing And Dubbing : Next important thing which is important for the success of the movie is editing And dubbing.You need to cut out some of the scenes which you feel is not required for the film. And if at some place the voice is not clear you will have to dub your movie With a Good Microphone and finish it. And to edit the film You can use any video editor like even Windows default windows Movie maker will do good 

7) Adding a Background Music: Background music make people involve more into the movie and it conveys the mood of the movie. If you have any creative musician friend then you can use him Or you can use youtube audio library to get copyright free music or see the List of Copyright free music sources.

8) Compiling And Uploading the movie : Now finish off the movie and show the final product to all those who acted and worked for the movie, and ask for their suggestions and make it more perfect And upload it on youtube, And Monetize the video with Google Adsense And make money from the views you get.

How To Make a Short Film – Infographic

how to make a short film infographic

How To Make a Short Film with your Smartphone 

From the beginning of this article we were teaching you about how to make a short film of the best quality but now we will teach how to make a short film with your smartphone. Many of you are interested in this topic because today our smartphone for us is everything i.e. our wallet , our teacher and also for us our Camera or Video Camera. So, we have decided to teach you some valuable things from which you can make your well-directing short film with your trusty smartphone. In this article, we have decided to explain all the steps and techniques which are helpful for you to making a short film with your smartphone.


In article Best cameras for making a short film we were discussed only the best DSLR cameras for making a short film.In this article, we will discuss making the short film with smartphones camera .Nowadays smartphones becoming more smarter with their camera quality. There are many smartphones with their ultimate camera features( ideal resolution and pixelation quality etc.) like iPhone 6, Samsung galaxy s6, One plus 3 etc. And there are many other things which make your short film with smartphone best like a script,lighting effects,editing etc. also accessories must be required to shoot top-notch video. So we will explain you one by one all the things.

Your Assignment: If you want to learn How to make a short film with your smartphone then you have to do some assignment or we can say do some homework. Like you must watch some videos which were captured with smartphones and study them. By this type of study, you can learn some basics for eg. you got the ability to finalized the locations , which time of the day provide the best light for your shoot & capability to learn how the subject has been set for the best effect. The best and the most liked short film was Apple of My Eye . This was an awesome film captured by iPhone 4s and this movie was the perfect eg. of how professionals shoot a video with smartphones.

Script Writing: Friends if you are interested in start a short film so make sure your script must ready before you take next step for making the short film. If your final script is not ready then guys you will always face some problems and you are not making the short film as you wanted. Need helping you finding how to write a script for a short film. All these tips were based on our experience and you also must focus on these tips to make your short movie awesome.

Airplane Mode: Nobody wants disturbance like calls , messages that were created by your smartphone during the shooting. So you must be aware of that thing that your smartphones airplane mode is in turn ON . If not then turn ON this mode of your smartphone and also, you can remove your sim card from the phone.

Direction or Distance between the objects: The best film is one which is well directed. Know we will explain you the topic on direction or distance to the objects . So when we have directed a short film with a smartphone the techniques are different for eg. the professionals always avoid zooming on your theme if you want to shoot a quality video. You should move slowly and slowly closer to the subject because our smartphones have video stabilization feature which is not so much effective when you are zooming on a particular subject. Even a little bit quiver make your video blurred and shaky. 

Good Lighting is Vital : For any video shoot, genuine lighting is critical. Always shoot in bright light – professional says because the cameras of the smartphone have smaller image sensors and lenses. The experts do not tell that you can always shoot in noontime when contrast can be jarring. Always shoot your video in a bright area so, the needless shadows , grainy or rough areas should avoid. If the weather is so bright and harshly and these things are inescapable, then shoot from an inflated i.e. elevated angle so the sky is mostly away from the frame. You can also shoot in sunny weather or also in the early morning and in sundown time. The lighting must be balanced and constant ; the image sensors in many of the smartphones do not react sharply to dramatic changes in lighting. There are many techniques by which you can improve your lighting like by back-lighting , by white-balance settings if your smartphone or app provided, by touch focusing (automatic exposure) etc.

Orientation (Say to Horizontal Style): Experts always say that always shoot in horizontal style because it gives finer grip and also adjusts the video viewing on PCs and Televisions.Not ever take a shot with a smartphone in portrait mode and in vertical mode(Say no to vertical and portrait mode).

Improve Video by Basic Editing: There are many camera apps on your smartphones play store or apple store with magical features which make your captured quality “meh” to “wow” like video maker pro app, Viddy app etc. Much free PC Softwares for beginners like Lightworks, Cinelerra, Windows Movie Maker etc. There are some professional Softwares for like Adobe Premier Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Corel Video studio, iMovie etc. if you want to edit your video in these pro editors then guys you have to spend some thousand of bucks for purchasing them.

These are some beneficial tips on How to make a short film with your smartphoneAfter reading this, if you still a little bit confuse or think it is not so much then you think absolutely right because the main things are required to making a short movie with your smartphone rather than a cover is Accessories. And the things in accessories are must be required listed below with uses  : 

Tripod Stand and Slider: To steady your lightweight smartphone by your hands is so difficult , always some effects are coming. Nobody wants to make a video distorted, shaky or blurred if you don’t want this shitty effects that makes your video worst than buy a good Tripod Stand and Slider. These both accessories are easily available in the market and also you can buy them from online shopping for your smartphone. There are many good and best Tripod stands here we have some eg. Of them are Studio Neat Glif- Adjustable Tripod Mount & stand for smartphones (Apple,Samsung,HTC etc.) – Price 30$, Universal Mobile Tripod- 360 Degrees Rotatable -Price 7$ ,Glidetrack Mobislyder – Price 159$ and there are much more.
Guys if you have the courage to make your film the fantastic then buy these accessories first.Tripod stand and slider are the most important accessories which make your movie well movie well directed.

Audio Quality : Those who think that in your film only video quality can take your film rise then they are absolutely wrong. Friends a film with a good video quality but bad audio is all rubbish. The embedded microphones in smartphones don’t give us a proper quality of audio. There are many unpleasant sounds catch by the built-in microphones in our smartphones when we take an outdoor shot which can make the worst quality of audio. So to prevent noise and get a better quality of sound the clip-on microphones (attached with the actors clothes) are used by actors.

Battery Backup : Not buy or attract with a smartphone by their camera quality. You must we ensure that your smartphone having a good battery backup. You have to take all with your smartphone so, while you were at shooting your phone must be charged fully and you always having one or two power banks (portable chargers) to power-up your smartphone in the middle of shooting.

Storage : Those are using smartphones immensely and those are captured videos & pics extremely knows that a high definition video occupied a large area of your smartphone’s 
or SD card’s memory. If enough memory’s alarm bling on your phone then stops shooting and transfer the videos into lappy’s.
Flashlight:  If you guys are not satisfied with your embedded flashlight of your smartphone then you have to buy an additional flashlight and it is easily available in the markets. 
For eg. Iblazr is the best flashlight preferred by professionals of the industry. Iblazr is fully synchronized external flashlight . It can be connected at the audio jack point and works with both back & front camera. IOS and android both users can use this Iblazr flashlight into their smartphones and this is the best external flashlight under 63$.
Supplementary Lenses :  Everyone wants to take some awesome zooming shots during the making of a film with a camera or also with smartphones. Looking to capture videos beyond the boundaries of the digital zoom in your camera ? then don’t take burden in your mind and choose some classy additional lenses for your camera. In this article, we teach you about How to make a short film with a smartphone so you have to purchase supplementary lenses for your trusty smartphone. We would like you to share some of the standard additional lenses 
Photron introduces Universal 3 in 1 Mobile Lenses in a Kit and these are compatible with all smartphones – Price 23.33$

Suroskie 3 in 1 Universal Camera kit for only smartphones. Lens type is wide and macro and compatible for all mobile phones – Price 2.99$

Flinstop Universal Camera clips Mobile phone lenses. Lens type is fisheye, wide and macro and it is compatible with iPhones , Samsung , sony , HTC etc. -Price 11.89$ Etc.

So, friends, these were some beneficial steps involved in making a short film. And below hope you guys enjoyed the whole article by reading these tips for making a quality short film with your smartphone. So focus on the points that we have taught you , imply these points on your short film and make an awesome short film which can win million of hearts of your viewers. Meet you in our upcoming awesome article And keep visiting our blog how to make a short film to get all wonderful valuable tips.
Guys if you have any confusion or doubt then don’t hesitate comment below we try to help you.